About DD Pig Roast

Recently Don Bender appeared on NCTV17’s business connection giving details about the company he founded and what to expect when hiring DD Pig Roast to do a party for you. Click below to see the interview.

Don Bender loved to throw large horseshoe tournaments with family and friends that often included 150-200 people at each  of these Special Events.  However he could never enjoy his guests because he was too busy cooking on the grill! Does this happen at your parties? About 20 years ago, Don Bender decided to do what he loves best which was to create a business around providing fun filled parties for corporate, family and neighborhood special events. He officially started Double D Special Events in the fall of 2004 to provide top quality, onsite catered food, and has been planning successful parties in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area ever since. (Play the above video for more info on Don’s successful endeavor.)

DDPIG HINES -20140923_165200_resizedDon’s success stems from developing long lasting relationships with customers, employees, vendors, and friends who have become the backbone of his entertainment/catering LLC:- DD Pig Roasts. That in turn has enabled DD customers to sit back, relax and enjoy their Special Event. Our well prepared quality food products make for satisfied customers which helps us to retain and build our growing customer list – over 1000!

DD Pig Roasts offers a unique blend of products and services that sets us apart from the competition. We do all of our cooking on-site, over Kingsford charcoal, using rotisserie equipped cookers following a slow cooking technique. Our high quality pigs have come from the same butcher over the past 20 years and are prepped by us formulated for slowly roasting over charcoal. DD Pig Roasts is inspected regularly by the Illinois Department of Health, consistently passing with high marks. Don attends Health Department clinics each year and in turn trains his staff in the safe handling of foods for your event.

Most caterers just bring out the food and drop it off. Some will start the cooking at their place and finish it on-site usually for an extra fee. But not DD Pig Roasts. We give our customers an on-site cooking show at every event. Our friendly staff is on-site, sometimes up to 40 hours, until we have cleaned up and packed up for the trip home. During this time we have the opportunity to spend quality time with our customers and develop long lasting relationships that happily provided us with many repeat clients.

Don Bender is the go to guy for good time wedding, birthday, graduation, anniversary and block parties! Give him a call at the number below: