The Brits are famous for their hog roasts and  British hog roast barbeque marinade is unique with  an exquisitely defined elegance in its taste.  The marinade recipe usually contains Worcestershire Sauce coupled with a few spices renders the distinct flavor that makes the hog roast barbeque marinade and barbeque sauce in the UK, slightly edgy.

It is common knowledge that British hog roasts have been held all too often, particularly around the time of major “show” events.  British have regarded hog roasts as staples of their festivities.

The British hog roast is not complete without the flavorful basting of the hog roast with barbeque marinades of their own concoctions.  Barbeque marinades come in all different combination of sauces and spices.  This barbeque marinade is easy to make and does not require ingredients out of the ordinary.  The ingredients are readily available in any local store, including the Worcestershire Sauce.

Note: As much as we would like to cook in the old traditional ways we do not. Our Double D method, described under Frequently Asked Questions, has been finely tuned over many years to produce the best flavor while cooked at your site..