Pig Roast History

Posted 03 Jan 2011


PIG ROASTING: Pig Roast Traditions and Celebrations across the Globe Pig roasting has become the “unofficial symbol” of celebrations across the globe from Hawaii, to Puerto Rico, Cuba, the UK, and the Philippines as well as gaining popularity in the U.S.  In almost all of these cultures, pig roast has come to signify the interlacing of age-old celebratory traditions... Continue »
Posted 02 Jan 2011

The Philippines

LECHON: The “Provocative” Roast Pig – Pig Roasting, Philippine Style Lechon is a Filipino delicacy and a fixture in all major celebrations. The succulent taste of lechon has given it the moniker, the “provocative” roast pig.  Its luscious flavor spiced by a variety of seasonings and stuffing, has made lechon a mouth watering crowd favorite  among Filipino celebrations at... Continue »
Posted 02 Jan 2011

Puerto Rico

Lechon Roasts in Puerto Rico According to the Dictionary of the Spanish Academy, the word lechón refers to a suckling pig. In Puerto Rico and in many Spanish-speaking countries in the New World, the word lechón brings up visions of old-time holiday feasts when whole pigs were roasted over a charcoal fire.  At its best the taste is a... Continue »
Posted 12 Apr 2010


The Brits are famous for their hog roasts. The British hog roast barbeque marinade has an exquisitely defined elegance in its taste. The Worcestershire Sauce coupled with a few spices renders the distinct flavor that makes the hog roast barbeque marinade and barbeque sauce in the UK, slightly edgy. It is common knowledge that British hog roasts have... Continue »