Pig Roast FAQ

Booking Procedure:

A.  Request a Quote by email or phone – see below

B.  Call Don about availability: 708-473-5373

C.  Send 25% deposit by check or credit card

D.  One week before event Don calls for changes in food choices and attendance

E.  Final payment due at event by check or credit card

Event Questions:

What kind of pig roaster do you have?
The pig roaster is a professionally made rotisserie grill that is 6ft long by 4ft. wide and is towed behind our vehicle. It weighs about 1,000 lbs and can be rolled on a flat surface. However it is very difficult to move if the ground is wet or hilly.

How many pig roasters do you have and how many people can you serve?
Currently we have 4 pig roasters. Each pig roaster can cook up to a 200 lb pig. Figure 1 lb of pig per person. We can serve up to 800 people with 4 pig roasters. We also have access to other grills that will allow DD PIG Roast to serve up to 3000 people at an event.

What cooking method do you use?
We use an “Indirect Heat” cooking style. We push the Kingsford charcoal to sides of the grill and place tin pans down the center of the grill. This allows us to catch all of the drippings and to prevent flare ups from the charcoal.

How long does it take to cook the pig?
We slow roast the pig. The grill temperature is kept between 225-250 degrees. The pig takes 1 hour of cooking time per 10 lb. A 100 lb. pig takes 10 hours to cook.

What kind of time commitment is there to do a pig roast?
On the day before: We spend roughly 3 hours prepping for the job. This includes picking up, marinating, and putting the pig to rest for the night! Also we go though an extensive checklist to make sure we have all the equipment and supplies we need for your party.

On the day of Day of: Between 12-24 hours depending on menu choice. This includes the following:

  1. 1 hour hook up and loading of vehicles
  2. Travel to the jobsite
  3. 1 hour of charcoal preparation and site set up
  4. Pig roasting time – 10lb of pig to 1 hour of cooking time
  5. 1 hour carving time for pig pulling show
  6. 1 hour site clean up
  7. Travel back to home base. On the day of Day after:

    On the day after: we spend 3 hours cleaning the grill  

    Will you still do the pig roast when the weather is bad?
    YES! We are prepared to cook the pig no matter if it is raining or the temperature is below zero! We have tents that are put up if needed to protect the pig roaster and pig crew. We also have heaters to do winter events.

    What is the smallest pig roast you will do?
    Parties of 60 are the smallest we will do. We will do parties for less people, however you would be charged for 60 people. The reason for this is that all the prep, event, and cleanup are basically the same.

    Our shop is located in Frankfort,IL. We travel all over the Chicagoland area at no extra charge. We have also done pig roasts in downstate IL, Milwaukee, Iowa and Indiana at an additional charge depending on how long it will take to make the trip.